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Do you need a translation, proofreading, language lessons or help with document preparation?

We provide translation services from one language to another, retaining the meaning and style of the original text.
Certified translations are those bearing the seal and signature of a certified court interpreter. The most commonly certified documents are diplomas, citizenship certificates, passports, driving licenses, court documents, education and training related documents, etc. Certified translation services are available for English, German, Italian, Hungarian, and French. The court interpreter’s certification is charged additionally.
There are two types of interpreting: consecutive and simultaneous. Consecutive interpretation is a form of translation performed at business meetings, meetings with a lawyer or a notary public, and at the meetings of a small number of people. The translation is done in such a way that the speaker presents a part of the text and then pauses, during which the interpreter transmits the information to other participants in their language. Simultaneous translation is mainly used at the meetings with a large number of people, with interpreters sitting in booths while listening to a presentation and simultaneously translating into the target language using microphones and headsets. The interpreting service cost is calculated per hour of translation.
We provide the translation of subtitles for feature films, documentaries, and TV shows. The subtitling cost is calculated per minute of video duration.
Proofreading is a spelling and language correction and editing as well as the adaptation of the text to the norms of the language in which it is written. It is scientifically proven that it is very difficult to correct your own text since it is not easy to find your own mistakes or correct any ambiguities in the written text. That is why we proofread all kinds of documents, papers, theses, graduation papers, etc. for all languages we offer.
Individual language lessons for students and adults for general communication and industry specific language/communication.
We can help you create a perfect CV and cover letter tailored to suit you. We also offer help with visa applications and various other documents, with the preparation of documents for publications etc. in all languages we offer.

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